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 Rusk represents a new era in haircare. This unique series provides not only the benefits of natural, botanical ingredients, but a totally new chemistry as well, CFT, or Compressed Formula Technology. Compressed during their formulation, Rusk expands with a little water and gentle manipulation, transforming their physical appearance while releasing their provocative botanical/ozonic aromas for an irresistible experience.


Aquage hair products are formulated with algaeplex sea botanicals. The Algaeplex sea botanicals in the Aquage collection are a carefully selected blend of algae, seaweed and kelp, to nourish, hydrate, strengthen and protect hair. Aquage products helps beautify your hair by containing the best possible ingredients. These ingredients in Aquage shampoo such as the popular Aquage Vitalizing Shampoo or Color Protecting Shampoo, combines the healing, nutritive powers of eight different organic seaweeds and algae to increase hair's moisture retention, body, strength, and elasticity. In Aquage styling products such as the popular Aquage Working Spray, Transforming Paste, or Finishing Hair Spray, these products provide hold and definition to create any style you can imagine!

Aquage is an innovative haircare line designed to nourish and protect hair. Aquage Hair Care is designed to make styling and finishing easier and more professional. They provide a streamlined product offering of shampoos, conditioners and styling fixatives all enhanced with nutrient-rich sea botanicals and invigorated with Aquage's Haircare Algaeplex.